Anti Syphon

This product must be the jewel in our crown,with its simplicity comes value for money.

A designed to fit unit ready for d.i.y. installation and affording high protection against theft and skimming. We have been making anti-theft devices for almost ten years this year. This device has been altered and improved over the years and some new designs have been incorporated and some of the old methods removed or re-manufactured.


To provide a quality product of the highest standard and be cost effective is not difficult when you have the experience of our design team and years of customer satisfaction behind you. We have listened to our customers and heard the problems caused by fuel theft and the ramifications of the actions of what was a minority, but now with fuel at a premium and with ever increasing tax and barrel prices the picture has altered again. Theft of fuel is on the increase with $80 billion being the recent estimate in America of the financial impact of fuel theft and a similar figure based on percentages expected to be released in the U.K. later this year. Hauliers and companies with van fleets are not surprisingly pushing for quick delivery of these items as it appears skimming for personal vehicles is on the increase.


Our steel fabricated device can be made to fit any type of lorry, van or coach. Available in mild steel only as research at this time suggests that the product will out live the vehicle possession time. No need for expensive stainless steel or aluminium. All devices are finished in paint, chrome or gold colouring,offering individual choice.