We operate a Midlands based factory outlet, supplying finished products to customers nationwide with some of our products being shipped to parts of Europe.All of our materials are sourced locally taking advantage of the
vast engineering background of british metalurgists.


We firmly believe in the value of home grown talent and hope that through a vigorous and in depth training
schedule for our own staff based in the uk, and through objective buying in of locally machined parts that we might assist in the continuation of a great british tradition of manufacturing, with high standards and quality our minimum requirements.

Products available from us include:

  • Off the shelf items include our heavy duty portable safety barrier, which comes in standard colours of red and white or yellow and black, although we have produced them in customers own livery and football team colours. The barriers are used to protect sensitive areas or more commonly, as a Health and Safety tool to prevent or restrict access to dangerous, unsafe or designated areas.

  • We undertake contracted- out production welding/ batchwork and manipulation of processed parts and there is always some one here who can
    talk with you about your requirements.

  • Our competative pricing and high standards
    ensure repeat orders and customer satisfaction.